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What is liposuction?

Liposuction is the most common operation in both the US and UK, involving over 400,000 cases undertaken each year in the USA alone. This process involves the breaking down and 'draining' out of fat from various parts of the body. It is carried out by inserting a cannula (a thin tubular needle) under the skin and 'sucking' out the excess fat. Considered to be cosmetic surgery, this draining of fat from areas such as the thighs, neck and abdomen can often incur significant costs.

People that normally undergo this procedure have an average body weight but, would prefer to have certain areas drained of unwanted and undesired masses of body fat. On the other hand, some patients have to have liposuction due to health risks. An example of this could be where a man over 30 stone containing a dangerous level of body fat within his neck being operated on as it is causing difficulty breathing.

Here is the list including general types of liposuction,and these articles provide the average costs,before-after pictures and reviews as well.

Male Liposuction Cost

Male liposuction before after

Abdominal Liposuction Cost

Abdominal Liposuction review

Thigh Liposuction Cost

Thigh Liposuction before after pictures

Smart Liposuction Cost

smartlipo(laser) liposuction before after pictures

Neck Liposuction Cost

neck liposuction cost

Tumescent Liposuction Cost

Tumescent Liposuction Cost

Facial Liposuction Cost

Facial Liposuction

Chin Liposuction Cost

Chin Liposuction

Average Cost of Vaser Liposuction

Vaser Liposuction

Arm Liposuction Cost


Average cost of liposuction

For those that experience weight issues and want a faster way of getting rid of the weight, either for health reasons or otherwise, liposuction is an alternative. The price varies from what type of liposuction is required and where. Liposuction costs will also vary based on the location and the reputation of the surgeon performing the surgery. Each surgeon will charge their own prices and will specialize in certain features of the body from your arms, legs and stomach.
The costs not only vary on location in the world but also location on your body. The price itself can range from $1000 to $8000 depending on what is being done and how much work needs to be done to accomplish your goal. The areas that are typically a part of liposuction surgery include:

Those are the areas of liposuction and each has its own cost. The most expensive are generally the abdomen areas along with the breast areas. A surgeon that specializes in those particular areas may charge more for them or they may offer specials to bring you in as a customer. They may offer a special on something such as the lower abdomen and then charge you a higher rate on the upper abdomen portion of the liposuction.

Discounts are not always cheaper in the long run. If you go to a surgeon just because they are offering specials or a lower rate than everyone else is charging for the liposuction surgery beware. Meet and talk with the surgeon first, look them up and get their history if possible. All surgery has its risks and when you are trying to make yourself look and feel better the last thing you want is to have your liposuction surgery go wrong or end up with complications if it was performed wrong.